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Palm reading has been in existence for centuries. Aristotle (384-322 B. C. E) wrote about palm reading and, with Aristotle Hippocrates and Alexander the Great, made the practice of this reading popular. Today this method is often used in online readings and, as a result, how to palm read is a very popular subject.

Either the right or left hand can be used for a reading, although both have their own importance. The right brain, which has pattern recognition and relationship understanding is said to be reflected in the left hand, in other words reflecting one’s ‘inner person’. In psychic circles, this is known as the ‘yin’ of one’s personality.

The right hand is said to be controlled by the left brain which has a pattern of logic, language and reason. It reflects the ‘outer self’ and is connected with social environment, education and experience. This is called the ‘yang’ of a person’s personality.

00_3How To Palm ReadPeople who do this kind of reading look at everything concerning the hand. This includes lines and shape of the palm, color of the skin, fingernails, size, and knuckles. The shape of the hand is believed to reflect a person’s temperaments. As with all things in psychic readings, divisions are made between earth, air, water and fire. Palmists apply this to the hands, with earth and water hands having fewer and deeper lines while air and fire hands have more lines but are not as deep.

This kind of reading is made with four different lines in a person’s hands. They are the heart line, the head line, the life line and the fate line (this is not present in everyone’s hand). The location of these lines is how readings are made.

A line from the index to the small finger determines the heart line reading. This line interprets whether one has romantic possibilities, sadness, is emotionally stable or has an emotional trauma. This is indicated by where the line begins, its length, if it is straight, curvy, broken or mixes with another line.

The head line determines learning and communication style, a desire for knowledge, creativity, practicality, enthusiasm and emotion. The line runs from under the index finger and goes across the hand to the outer edge. This line may be short, curved, wavy, deep, long, straight or broken.

The lifeline runs from the thumb, in an arc, towards the wrist. This relates to vitality, energy, enthusiasm, physical health, and lifestyle changes. It does not relate to the length of a person’s lifetime.

An interesting belief is that the length of the heart, head and life lines, when added together have a significant meaning. If the combined length is longer than a person’s foot it is believed they are over bearing. If shorter, other people easily sway them and if it is the same one is considered well balanced. How to palm read is clearly indicated on various Internet sites and requires study and attention to detail. A person having their palm read is often influenced by what is determined so it should be done cautiously.

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